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Coach & Instructor Debbie Platts, MBA, RPh

As a ICF certified coach, I partner with emerging and established leaders, particularly in pharmacy and healthcare, who want to accelerate their careers and achieve their goals. Together we “journey with purpose,” in designing a personalized roadmap that links personal and professional goals with the client's vision of success. People hire me for a variety of reasons including: they can’t get traction in achieving their goals; fear about the next level of responsibility; values that aren’t aligned with their vision; lack of leadership development and confidence; ineffective communication; or general overwhelm and not knowing where to start. I help people to uncover what has been holding them back, to see the peripheral view and blind spots, to cut through the noise, and identify issues and themes. I encourage clients to maximize their strengths, as well as connect the dots between personal and professional values, so they can develop a holistic plan for success. Then, with a strict belief in holding clients accountable to do the work and follow their plans, they achieve remarkable success. As a registered pharmacist, MBA with more than 30 years’ operations and strategic leadership at Walgreens (a Fortune 30 company), I acquired a deep understanding of the various aspects of business--particularly retail pharmacy and its healthcare ecosystem. Additionally, my various experiences have allowed me to witness first-hand how people advance—or why they don’t. I had a front row seat to the obstacles those in middle and upper management face when trying to move forward, and saw how talented, ambitious employees often faced roadblocks to success that, once identified and understood, could be overcome.

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